Hi Engineers!
Dev here,
After a long 2-week beta testing, we have just released patch 0.3.10 to the public. So Go ahead and update your clients to 0.3.10 now to get the good stuff! In this post, I want to do a patch overview, detailed changelog, and – talk about our next item in the roadmap.

0.3.10 – overview


0.3.10 – is all about puzzles, their rewards, and what you can get with them. The goal was to appreciate puzzle creators and promote better puzzles to the lists. We completely changed the ranking algorithm (again) and added a lot more UI to the puzzles, such as “My Puzzles” page to give a birds-eye view of things you created. There is also the “Top Creators” leaderboard (numbers currently too fresh and will need some days to normalize so don’t expect from it much early on). We also changed search UI, and you can now filter by difficulty or puzzle size to find the one you need.

We have also finally changed puzzle rewards, from credits – to something a lot more unique, and special. We call them Yik points. You can get Yik points by either solving puzzles (reward different based on puzzle difficulty, which is calculated statistically), or by Creating complex puzzles that are popular and harvesting yik points from them every day!

Yik points are currently the only way to purchase Trophies in-game, which are very unique (mostly non-functional) but very customizable “brag right” devices you can put in-game. (You can find them in the shop section->buildings, and scroll to the right).
We also fixed a lot of bugs and addressed many stability and some quality of life issues.
Important: we also decreased resource cap upgrade credit prices as per many of you requested. This of course means that some of you probably spent A LOT of time and credits into upgrading them, and now it’s easier for others, which is unfair. We hear you and are currently exploring a script to do the diff calculation and do the refund based on that data. It may take us several days, but you’ll get an in-game message about this soon. So rest assured – we know, and are going to do something about it.

Here is the detailed changelog:
Trophy section added to the shop
My Puzzles page
Top Creators page
New ranking algorithm
New reward system for puzzles
Searching in puzzles filter by difficulty and area
Can publish puzzle from my puzzles page
Puzzle publishing now has 3-hour cooldown to avoid spamming puzzles (make a good one and take your time)
Fixed underground pipe/belt issues breaking blueprints or puzzles
Search in puzzles now not case sensitive
Slightly better performance for the rendering of all textures, due to multitexture batching
Fixed 24+ game crash cases
Sound fx added to new warehouse and exporter cases
Collectibles have their amounts back to inventory
Claiming and warehouse related bugs fixed
Fixed importer behaving not as expected in-game
Fixed oxygen not being selected when placing blueprints with synth
Fixed multitude od iOS issues, including some UI cosmetics due to notch
Fixed faulty screenshots on puzzles
Fixed stability issues happening on puzzle load
Blueprints with many outputs will now scroll instead of breaking UI
Inventory notification “red alert” sign bugs fixed.
Memory management and improvement fixes
Decreased prices for in-game resource cap upgrades as per many of you requested.

Finally talking a bit about what comes next:
0.4.X is going to be our next major release, and we plan to again increase the level cap and add more content! This will increase the level cap from 15 to 20, add A LOT more things to make. Without getting into much detail think about the following industries: Oil, Plastic, Ink mixing, Custom Printing. It’s going to unlock A LOT of creativity and amazing setups. We expect this to take 2 weeks to develop and “who knows how long to test”. We will also surely beef it up with some additional bug fixes.
0.5.X is going to be a much bigger release to follow after that one, and introduce finally a NEW location, and a new chapter, with again increased level cap. We might get the first glimpse of electricity, and mass food production. We will also get to know some of Norantis population better, and face fierce enemies.
0.6.X will be about underwell improvements, more levels, better fighting AND Crafting of building boosters using Everstone (yeah will have to wait a bit longer for this everstone to become more.. valuable). All in it’s due time.