Hello Engineers,
Our team has been hard at work over the last month not only preparing new content for our users (YAY!) but also fixing a lot of the issues users were facing.
Check out the trailer here: https://youtu.be/r4bXBMamcjI
Let’s start with the new content!
– 0.40 introduced levels 15-20 with new materials like:
algae, oils (crude, heavy, light), titanium, bottled ink, printed tiles (more about this later)

New devices:
– Oil Building, Heat and Ice gun in regular factories, Compressor, boiler, grower, printer!!
What does this all mean?
32 Bits of Sand lets the Engineer make customized printed tiles to place in their factories. Use them to make custom designs like arrows, symbols of the resource you’re making in that production line, or go full art-mode and dress up your factory floors with 32 Bits of Sand.
What else?
– The device limit in warehouse has been increased to 50!
– Substance Harvesters are now capped at 20.Before you say but I have 50, or why are we capping it – Substance harvesters are not meant to be exploited. Sandship is meant to be calculations, finding the best setups in limited space and using of substance.
Other issues that were fixed (but not only):
– Puzzle Reset button
– Speed Up Consumable issues
– New images for Steel Barrels
– New Underwell Pit sizes for levels 1-3
– Splitter issues with temperature and jamming
– Confirmation for all buildings
– Unlimited Puzzle Likes/Dislikes
Glossary fixes
– Puzzle rewards resetting to 0
– Long grabbers not grabbing if assembler is between the place and exporter